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Expert Digital Marketing, Lead Generation & Branding to Evolve your Business


GOING GLOBAL is here to help you grow your business by providing inspiring and practical quick win digital solutions to transform your sales and marketing. We provide a holistic approach reviewing your branding, revitalising your sales & marketing strategies, always focussing on new client lead generation and building loyalty with your customers. We have 20 years experience in assisting hundreds of clients from many sectors. You will have the benefit of expert Marketing Director level input at a fraction of the cost and produce outstanding results.

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Full digital marketing strategy, SEO, e-newsletters, social, blogging, adwords, video, content marketing, analytics.

Connect with your Audience


Revitalising your brand to differentiate you from your competitors.

Brand ID


Generating new leads and engaging with existing clients through CRM and digital.

Mobile Ready Website Design


Creating websites with Wordpress, Shopify and Strikingly

Ecommerce Development


Creating and promoting e-commerce with Shopify.

Office 365


Creating Team Collaboration Environments.

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Meet Marek

Marek Duchnowski

Marek Duchnowski

Chief Digital Marketing Consultant BSc(Hons) M IDM
Member of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

Marek has 22 years' experience in creating innovative digital marketing / PR solutions that have energised brands and attracted new customers along the way.

Whether it's revitalising your brand, creating a beautiful website, or developing novel digital marketing / PR strategies, interfacing with Marek and his team of digital marketing experts will leave you feeling inspired and help you and your organisation realise outstanding results for all your digital activity.

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Proud Member of Enterprise Nation Approved Adviser


  • Simon Banks

    Marek and his team have just re-designed our company website and the results are better than we’d hoped for. Marek combines professionalism with a warm delivery and his team, especially Graham are a pleasure to do business with. We were kept fully informed and involved throughout the process and I would thoroughly recommend Marek / Going Global to anyone seeking help with website design.

    Simon Banks, Managing Director Charles Banks
  • Declan Cosgrove

    I have had the pleasure of working with Marek for many years and I have never failed to be impressed by his abilities. His understanding of marketing and passion for communicating brand values adds real value to businesses.

    Declan Cosgrove, Managing Director BITE Digital
  • James Wigley

    I am delighted with the Key Intelligence identity that Marek has been working with me to develop.

We will be fully launching in August 2014, and its great success will be thanks largely to Marek's patient and persuasive efforts over the past few months.

I am very confident that the new brand, logo, web and social media presence that Marek has helped us develop will be really essential to our reaching the market we are aiming for and a vital step in the building of our business.

    James Wigley, Business Intelligence Technology Consultant, KEY Intelligence
  • Glenn Widelko

    I am delighted to recommend Marek. Having worked very closely with him over the past months I am now sitting with an exceptional website, a site I'm hugely proud of and which is consistently winning great feedback. Marek is a marvel - he just got what I was looking for, understanding my intentions and the complex challenge my site presented. Marek is a true visionary and the site's architectural design continues to inspire. I have thoroughly enjoyed and being inspired by his good company. If you're aspiring to an exceptional website - get in touch with Marek.

    Glenn Widelko, Widelko Consultancy
  • Balram Kaushal

    We have worked with Marek to define our digital marketing strategy,
including creative ways to build a loyal community. It was a pleasure
working with him and he brought real passion and knowledge to the table
and has left us feeling confident that his proposal will deliver results.

    Balram Kaushal, Director at swisscode.co.uk
  • Anita Kaushal

    Marek is able to work with his clients to bring out their vision enabling them to realise their dreams through careful, considered management strategies. When you work with Marek you feel as if you are in partnership with someone who truly cares for your business as much as you do.

    Anita Kaushal, writer, presenter